Synthesis and Structural Investigation of Nano-Sized Cadmium Ferrite

  • Rakesh M. Shedam Department of Physics, GKG college, Kolhapur 416012
  • Ashok B. Gadkari Department of Physics, GKG college, Kolhapur 416 012
  • Shridhar N Mathad K.L.E. Institute of technology, Hubli 580030, India
  • Mahadev R. Shedam The New College, Kolhapur 416 012


This report presents the synthesis of cadmium ferrite (CdFe2O4) by Oxalate co-precipitation and its subsequent characterization by using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) techniques. XRD results confirm the single cubic spinel phase formation with lattice parameter 8.7561Ao. An infrared spectroscopy study shows the presence of main two absorption bands indicating the presence of tetrahedral and octahedral group complexes, respectively, within the spinel lattice. We also report strain, hopping length (LA and LB) and dislocation density  of ferrite sample.

Keywords: Cadmium ferrite (CdFe2O4), XRD, Dislocation density, Strain, SEM


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