Pulsed Laser Annealing Effect on Optical and Structural Properties of ZnS/ZnSe Heterostructures

  • Haidar Howari Physics Department, Deanship of Educational Services, Qassim University, Buraidah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Studies of pulsed laser annealing (PLA) on semiconductor thin films were performed to examine changes of the optical and structural parameters due to the laser heat. Thin films of ZnS/ZnSe were deposited on quartz substrates at a pressure of 8.2*10-6 mbar using PVD technique. These thin films were annealed at different laser powers using CO2 pulsed laser. Transmission and reflection spectra were recorded before and after the annealing process. A decrease in the transmission and reflection spectra after annealing is observed. The absorption coefficient, refractive index, damping coefficient and dielectric constant were calculated before and after the annealing process. Changes in the optical parameters are found after the annealing process. The energy band gaps of ZnS and ZnSe have been determined. Upon annealing, an increase in the absorption coefficient is observed which is due to an improvement in the granular nanostructure of the ZnS/ZnSe thin films. XRD patterns of the prepared samples were obtained before and after the annealing procedure and revealed an enhancement in the crystallite structure upon annealing.

Keywords: Optical properties; Transmission, X-ray diffraction; Annealing, Heterostructures, Pulsed Laser


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