The Solar Flux and Sunspot Number; A Long-Trend Analysis

  • Babu Ram Tiwari Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
  • Mukul Kumar State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing


We investigate the nature of monthly sunspot numbers and solar flux F10.7 by employing the linear and multiple regression techniques. We observed a brilliant correlation between monthly mean sunspot number and F10.7. We observed that even in deep solar minimum there exist some magnetic activities. We obtained the coefficient of determination R2 to be 0.9533. We estimated the correlation coefficient for solar flux F10.7 and sunspot number to be 0.97. We extrapolated the F10.7 back to the year 1700 and observed a good correspondence between the modelled F10.7 and sunspot nature. We also found a very good correspondence between the modelled and observed solar flux F10.7.

Keywords: Sunspots, Solar cycle, Solar Flux


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