Pro-embrionary Somatic Structure of Three Cacao Genotypes (Theobroma Cacao l.) Using Staminodes

  • Mar Asunción Garate-Navarro Instituto de Cultivos Tropicales - ICT
  • Enrique Arévalo-Gardini Instituto de Cultivos Tropicales
  • Larissa Correa do Bomfim-Costa Universidad Estadual de Santa Cruz – UESC, Brasil
  • Delmira da Costa-Silva Universidad Estadual de Santa Cruz – UESC, Brasil


Staminodes of three cocoa genotypes (BT1, ICS-39 and CCN-51), were used to perform the characterization of somatic embryos induced and maintained by DKW culture medium enriched with 2% of sucrose, 10% of coconut water and 0.01% of cysteine, 2,5 mg/l 2,4 D, 5 µg/lTDZ respectively. The ANOVA and the comparison mean test, shown significant differences between globular-, heart-, torpedo- and cotyledonal-stages for each genotype. Additionally, the embryogenic stages and regenerants plants proportions were highest for Blanco Tarapotino 1 (BT1) genotype. A morphological comparison of somatic and zygotic embryos shows similarities in form and symmetry.

Keywords: Tissue culture, tropical crops, in vitro propagation, micro propagation


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