Preparation and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Deposited Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Matrix Multiscale Composites


  • Faizan Siddique Awan Materials Science & Engineering, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Tayyab Subhani Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan



In this study, desized carbon fibers were coated with carbon nanotubes using two diverse coating techniques, i.e. dip coating and spray up process, while the factors affecting the coating techniques were investigated. The morphological study revealed better nanotube coating on carbon fibers from dip coating technique as compared to spray up process. Later, nanotube-coated fibers from dip coating were impregnated with epoxy to fabricate multiscale carbon fiber reinforced epoxy matrix composites. The nanotubes on fiber surface were expected to improve the interlaminar shear properties of the multiscale composites. According to short beam shear testing, 14% increase in interlaminar shear strength was observed in composite containing nanotubes as compared to reference composite. Microscopic observation under optical and electron microscopes confirmed the void-free impregnation of fibers with epoxy along with the presence of nanotubes on fibers and in matrix in the vicinity of fibers. Finally, the mechanisms involving the enhanced interlaminar properties were identified and discussed.


Dip coating, Spray up, Multiscale composite, Carbon fiber, Epoxy, Carbon nanotubes, Interlaminar shear strength


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