Addressal to the Rising Problem of Traffic Congestion in Kalimpong, West Bengal: Causes and Preventive Measures


  • Rosemary Subba Department Of Geography, North Bengal St.Xaviers’ College, Rajganj, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal



When towns and cities grow or rather undergo urbanisation; there are innumerable impacts that arise out of this process. One such impact is the problem of traffic congestion. In other words, it can be said that ‘urbanisation and problems related to traffic go hand in hand’. Kalimpong has witnessed urbanisation at an astounding rate largely due to improvement in tourism and its floriculture. However, the town is crippled by the problem of traffic congestion. Being a hill station, the topography and the structure of the town restricts the widening of the roads therefore making the practice of illegal parking common and the major factor for traffic congestion. In this paper, the problem of traffic congestion in Kalimpong town has been addressed. The reasons responsible for the problem has also been highlighted along with some suggestive preventive measures.


Traffic congestion, illegal parking, encroachment, space crunch, narrow roads


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