Factors Influencing Students’ Decision Making in Selecting University in Bangladesh


  • Md. Aminul Islam Dept. of Media Studies and Journalism, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh
  • Nehal Hasnain Shoron Department of Economics, Pabna University of Science and Technology




Decision Making, Choice, Higher Education, Bangladesh University


This study investigates the factors that influence students’ decisions when choosing a university for higher education in Bangladesh. The study was conducted among students of two private universities in the country. A multi-method approach was adopted in collecting and analyzing data. The responses of the 153 participating students to the questionnaire are primarily described using descriptive statistics, e.g., frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviations, and rankings. Statistical tools like chi-square and ANOVA test are also applied where necessary. Results of the study indicate that the distance of the university from the students’ home plays an influential role in university choice process in the country. It is also found that there is a significant association between the level of education at which students first consider studying university and their choice about the university. Several other factors: university’s location, cost of tuition, availability of scholarship, students’ mother, friend and visits to campus play an influential role in university choice process.


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