Proportional Swivel Headlight and Foglight Mechanism

  • Prit Devendrakumar Shah Mechanical Engineering, GCET, Vallabh Vidyanagar, India
  • Ajay Patel Mechanical Engineering, GCET, Vallabh Vidyanagar, India
  • Manan Desai Mechanical Engineering, GCET, Vallabh Vidyanagar, India


This paper describes the hardware of movable Headlight & Foglight system for vehicles. It has been found that the majority of accidents take place due to the invisibility of road at night & in fog. So, it becomes necessary that we get a clear vision during the night & in fog so as to avoid accidents. Therefore, the following research represents the rotation of headlight & foglight with the rotation of wheels. In this system used rack & pinion arrangement which give the drive to the optical axes on which headlight & foglight are mounted so when the links are moved with steering arm that gives predefined motion to headlight and foglight. Hence the light from the Headlight & Foglight focuses properly on the road, also while taking turn the driver coming from the opposite side can easily notice the upcoming vehicle & so the number of accidents is minimized. In this paper, we have defined a novel approach movement of foglight along with the headlight.

Keywords: Automotive Headlight system, automotive foglight system, Mechanism, Design


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